We love crisps.

Our story isn't a complicated one, but it's a strange one for sure.  Spudos was started by Analog Republic, who are actually a web and mobile app development company who work with household name clients in everything from top music artists through to healthcare research studies.  Now, I'm sure you have a ton of questions after reading that, so let's do "our story" as a Q&A session.

How did you get into crisps?
Del loves crisps, and Chris loves crazy ideas. They're Analog Republic's founders. They'd been working at becoming more minimal waste in their own lives, as well as working on zero waste technology projects, when Del realised one of the items he still had to purchase wrapped in plastic was his beloved crisps. 

He looked around for a sustainable way to get his hands on unpackaged crisps, and he wanted good cheek wrinkling flavoured crisps like his favourite Taytos, but there was nothing on the market to quench his hunger.  So after pitching the idea to Chris, Spudos was born.

Did you know about crisps and food production already?
No, we didn't have a clue, and we needed to learn fast, so we hired a crisp consultant.

Is there really such a thing as a "crisp consultant"?

What do they do?
They held our hand through the process of coming up with flavours, nutrition, allergens, micros, flavour designers, producers and more.  It was a crash course and a steep learning curve.

What happened next?
It wasn't just a matter of finding people to work with, the sustainability aspect was our driving force, so above and beyond coming up with crazy names like "David Bacon" and "Nosh Spice". We had to design a way to deliver our crisps with closed loop distribution, use home compostable plastics where we couldn't avoid having to throw something away in the future, and setting up Spudos HQ in an up-cycled shipping container.

Have you eaten a lot of crisps in the process?
Yes, a lot, and Del still loves them. He's probably eating some right now.