We love crisps, but we love our planet more.

🧑‍🌾 Our crisps are grown and produced in the UK on a sustainable farm that runs on solar power, converts the used rapeseed oil into biodiesel for the tractors, uses recycled digestate fertiliser, and collects rainwater in reservoirs.

🥔 Right after cooking, the crisps are directly poured into our 4kg airtight containers and transported to our London HQ using plastic-free pallets.

potatoes harvest waiting to be cooked

🌱 Our Spud Dust is also produced in the UK, and delivered to us in air-tight recyclable bags.  We’re still working on a better solution here, so stay posted.

♻️ Apart from selling our crisps directly to our lovely customers, we also sell through zero-waste shops like Kilo, Reed’s Refillery and Get Loose, offices such as Google, x+why, as well as pubs, cafés and restaurants like The Old Ivy House and Coven of Wiches

For London-based locations, we deliver by cargo bike and electric van. Our deliveries are close-looped. We drop off crisps in our large 2kg tubs and get the empties back when we do our next delivery. These tubs are then returned to Spudos HQ, thoroughly cleaned and sterilised ready to be used again and again. Got a business? Get Spudos!

spudos in a pub / delivery person with electric van with crisps

📦 For our online shop, we also avoid single-use plastics! All our refill bags and sachets are magic; they look like plastic, but they’re not! They’re specially developed home-compostable composite materials that will decompose in around 60 days!  

🛒 Ordering for the first time? We recommend our reusable 500g tub of crisps, including your choice of sachets to try out our 7 amazing Spud Dusts. Our home compostable grease-proof shake bags are the perfect vehicle to dust and shake! Then, just refill your tub, choose your favourite Spud Dust and get a shaker (or all of them), then refill those bad boys too!

Shipping boxes, labels and paper tape are planet-friendly too!

♼ If you’re done with your tub or shakers, send them back to us for a discount on your next order, but if they’ve hit their end of life, they are recyclable, so stick them in your recycling bin. Apart from keeping your Spudos fresh and safe, remember they’re great airtight containers, and very handy! You’ll always find a way to reuse them!

natureflex bags cellulose bag crisps home compostable

🛠 We’re constantly working to improve Spudos and our crisp-addicted impact on our planet. We’re always seeking greener solutions for every part of the business while providing you with the best crisps and Spud Dust we can possibly make. 

💌 So If you have any questions or ideas to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@spudos.com. Your input is invaluable in our journey towards sustainability, so let's grow together!

🗞 Read more: BBC talked with us about sustainability in this article: Crunch time as crisp makers adopt plastic-free packets.