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Set of 7 Spud Dust sachets

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Try all 7 original Spud Dusts for a mix-and-match experience that Jimmy Oliver (friend of ours from the pub) said "Wow, just wow."

Get a little of everything:

1 x Chip Shop Curry (15g)
1 x Nooch & Onion (15g)
1 x David Bacon (15g)
1 x Salt & Vinegar (15g)
1 x Prawn Cocktail (15g)
1 x Döner Kebab (15g)
1 x Southern Fried Chicken (15g)

You're welcome.

Spud Dust Nutritional Information & Ingredients
Chips Shop Curry
David Bacon
Nooch & Onion
Salt & Vinegar
Prawn Cocktail
Southern Fried Chicken