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Spudos Handmade Crisp Keyring

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These little beauties are individually handmade in London by the legendary ceramicist and potter, Gioia Sulas at her studio ClayStation in Hackney, London. The Spudos Crisp Keyring is the perfect gift for that crisp addict in your life (yourself included).

As each crisp keyring is handmade, they're a limited supply, so get your order in quick to avoid disappointment and your chance to get a friend what will possibly be the best gift you've ever got them.  They'll probably weep when they open that sweet little red box.

DIMENSIONS: 33mm x 45mm.
Note that each keyring is handmade and unique, so they will all differ slightly from the pictures.

Apart from creating amazing ceramics, Claystation also offers classes, so if you ever fancied having a go on the potters wheel, visit for more info.

All your keyring packaging is home compostable including the red box.