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Spudos Unseasoned Crisps

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Crisps Weight & Packaging

Would you like free Shake Bags?

Choose up to free Spud Dust sachets

Each Sachet contains 15g of Spud Dust, equivalent to 3 regular bags of crisps.

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Free Shake Bags

Every 500g order comes with an 5 shake bags, and 10 bags for a 1Kg order. The Shake Bags are optional.

If you have you own container at home and don’t need any bags, just choose “No Shake Bags”.

Our Shake Bags are greaseproof and home compostable, and they can be used multiple times, so don’t just throw them out after 1 bag.

When you’re done with them, throw them in with your food waste!

Free Spud Dust Sachets

Every 500g order comes with 5 sachets of Spud Dust, and 10 sachets for a 1Kg order.

You can mix and match the flavours to your choice, and if you already have a shaker of Spud Dust at home and don’t need sachets, just leave them at 0.

If you subscribe to Spudos, then you can change your Spud Dust selection right up to the day before your next order ships out.

Each sachet contains 15g of Spud Dust which is enough for 3 small bags of crisps, or one large bag, depending how strong you like your crisps of course!

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Where do we start? Well... most crisp lovers want to know "how chunky are they?". In our opinion they're perfect; heavier than a Walkers, lighter than a Kettle. Amazing crunch and rich flavour (even unseasoned), but add some Spud Dust and you'll be heard saying "Oh yeeaaah", with your eyes closed and your taste buds having a party.


Every crisp order comes with 5 (10 for 1kg) home compostable greaseproof shake bags plus 5 (10 for 1kg) 15g sachets of Spud Dust so you can munch down all 7 flavours. Our sachets are also home compostable. Get them delivered in our home compostable bags, or in a tub that can refill again and again.

500g of crisps is about the same as 16 standard bags of crisps, and 1kg is around 32 bags.


Fancy having Spudos delivered to your door each month, or being the best friend ever and sending them to a mate? Then why not save a few quid and subscribe. You can even get a FREE tub to keep them fresh for up to 16 weeks, then we'll send you refills each month in our home compostable bags.
To get your FREE TUB, please select "500g tub" when purchasing/launching your subscription. Once you received your first order in a tub, your subscription will automatically switch to bags.


Spudos are grown and produced in the UK on a sustainable farm that uses solar energy, runs the tractors on biodiesel from the rapeseed oil used for cooking the crisps, and grown with recycled digestate fertiliser. You'll taste the difference.

We love crisps, but hate all the plastic packaging they come in. Normal crisp packets take about 80 years to decompose and they can't be recycled. In the UK alone we buy 6 billion bags a year.  Right now every crisp bag ever made is still on earth. Our bags are made from cellulose derived from wood pulp and they'll decompose in about 45 days. 

Nooch & Onion Spud Dust contains sulphites

Spud Dust Nutritional Information & Ingredients
Chips Shop Curry
David Bacon
Nooch & Onion
Salt & Vinegar
Prawn Cocktail
Döner Kebab

Crisps Nutritional Information

Average Per 100g Per 30g Serving
Energy 2218 kJ
533 kcal
665 kJ
160 kcal
Fat 33.5g
    Saturated 3.82g
    Sugars <0.1g
Fibre 7.7g
Protein 3.8g
Salt 0g