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Spudos Dunks

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Dunks Weight & Packaging

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Each Sachet contains 15g of Spud Dust, equivalent to 3 regular bags of crisps.

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Free Shake Bags

Every 350g order comes with an 5 shake bags, and 10 bags for a 700g order. The Shake Bags are optional.

If you have you own container at home and don’t need any bags, just choose “No Shake Bags”.

Our Shake Bags are greaseproof and home compostable, and they can be used multiple times, so don’t just throw them out after 1 bag.

When you’re done with them, throw them in with your food waste!

Free Spud Dust Sachets

Every 350g order comes with 5 sachets of Spud Dust, and 10 sachets for a 700g order.

You can mix and match the flavours to your choice, and if you already have a shaker of Spud Dust at home and don’t need sachets, just leave them at 0.

If you subscribe to Spudos, then you can change your Spud Dust selection right up to the day before your next order ships out.

Each sachet contains 15g of Spud Dust which is enough for 3 small bags of Dunks, or one large bag, depending how strong you like your Dunks of course!

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What the DUNK is going on here? Well - "rings", "loops" and "hoops" were all trademarked, so we'd like to introduce you to our brand new potato snack - DUNKS!

These delicious potatoey little crunchy bites are the size of a Hula Hoop, a little crunchier than an onion ring, and delicious right out of the bag. But boy, do they love our Spud Dust—so Dust those Dunks!

WARNING: Dunks are more moreish than the most moreish thing you have ever eaten, you'll want more and more, but there won't be any more until you order more. 


Every Dunks order comes with 5 (10 for 700g) home compostable greaseproof shake bags plus 5 (10 for 700g) 15g sachets of Spud Dust so you can munch down all 7 flavours. Our sachets are also home compostable. Get them delivered in our home compostable bags, or in a tub that can refill again and again.

350g of Dunks is about the same as 8 grab bags, and 700g is around 16 grab bags.


We love snacks, but hate all the plastic packaging they come in. Regular snack packets take about 80 years to decompose and they can’t be recycled. In the UK alone, we buy 6 billion bags a year. Right now every snack packet ever made is still on earth. Our bags, shakebags and sachets are 100% home compostable and they’ll decompose before you know it. And there’s more: Read more about sustainability here.

Dunks Ingredients: Potato Starch, Potato Granuals, Rapeseed Oil,
Pre-Gelatinised Potato Starch, Salt, Vegetable
based distilled mono-glyceride.

Dunks Nutritional Information

Average Per 100g Per 25g Serving
Energy 1838 kJ
437 kcal
459.5 kJ
109.25 kcal
Fat 13.2g
    Saturated 1.0g
    Sugars 0.2g
Fibre 3.5g
Protein 2.9g
Salt 2.91g


Nooch & Onion Spud Dust contains sulphites

Spud Dust Nutritional Information & Ingredients
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David Bacon
Nooch & Onion
Salt & Vinegar
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